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Another of #TheBigRs – Reflection

Posted by The Physio Matters Podcast on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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I don’t have subscribers to my blog, so I suppose no one will be reading this blog by mistake. If you’ve entered the darker reaches of my website (that no Googlebot has ever found),...
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Very pleased with Workspace. Hope to have continuing business with them again.

/Posted by: jackchew
So it’s a week or so after ‘The Big R’s 2.0’ and I thought I would take some time to reflect on the event as a whole, as well as some further thoughts on my...
/Posted by: jackchew
Simon Smith writes two part reflections. IT'S HIS THING and we love him for it. Here's his first... of two reflecting on #TheBigRs Conference - 'Reforming MSK Practice' I suggest that lots of you people reading...
/Posted by: jackchew
Putting big mouths and big ideas behind microphones. The Physio Matters Podcast is a feature of Chews Health’s third core value ‘We Educate’. Episodes will feature expert, honest advice, delivered directly to listeners at no cost. The...
Client: John McDoe - Ceo GM

Once again a great freelancer complied with needs in every way. i recommend them

/Posted by: jackchew
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy commonly experiences many shifts in thinking, beliefs and concepts which over time lead individuals and groups through paradigms that generally conclude with enthusiastic acceptance. Then, as knowledge deepens, widens and expands a...

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