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Another of #TheBigRs – Reflection

Posted by The Physio Matters Podcast on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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On the 9th November 2017, 58 people attached badges that read: ‘Interesting, Unique Individual’ to themselves and talked about reasoning, responsibility and reform in the field of musculoskeletal practice. The event now best known by its hashtag #TheBigRs...
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Fantastic product, my sites all run super fast and the support is excellent!

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I have followed and admired The Physio Matters Podcast for many years. Admired the way that it has asked difficult questions of articulate individuals, and how it has made a point of not avoiding...
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Martin Ong'wen, Orthopaedic Manual Therapist and Movement Dysfunction Specialist, from Kenya, reflects on his impact at the #TheBigRs conference last year, the trip that followed and his latest thoughts! Do not tire from doing the great things...
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My internal struggle with MSK Physio & the hope that #TheBigRs gives me For a while now, I have struggled with the direction of travel of MSK physiotherapy because it isn’t what I had envisaged...
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I don’t have subscribers to my blog, so I suppose no one will be reading this blog by mistake. If you’ve entered the darker reaches of my website (that no Googlebot has ever found),...
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Very pleased with Workspace. Hope to have continuing business with them again.

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