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‘Reforming MSK Practice 2019’ - 18th & 19th October 2019

Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel, M3 2EQ
Since the 7th October 2018 we’ve been asked one question most days:


The answer is yes. Reforming MSK Practice 2019 by #TheBigRs is happening, early-bird tickets flew off the shelf and here’s your chance to ogle the programme line-up then get involved by booking your seat!

Speaker Biographies:

Emma Salt

Dr Emma Salt PhD is a Consultant Physio at University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust and a Fellow of the National Institute of Health Research. We’re delighted to have Emma join us as a speaker once again having impressed the audience last year in our orthopaedic triage debate.

Since then, Emma has been heading up the ‘Reforming Evidence’ working group who have produced the opening chapter of our Manifesto for Reform. She will introduce this work and invite scrutiny of the policies her team have produced.

Neil O’Connell

Dr Neil O’Connell PhD is a Senior Lecturer and Research Lead in the Physiotherapy Division of the Department of Clinical Sciences at Brunel University London. Neil was a member of the NICE development group that produced the 2016 guideline for low back pain and sciatica and even more impressively, was a recent guest on TPMP where his brand of EBP myth-busting proved very popular with listeners!

Neil is presenting the keynote in our ‘Pain research and it’s application’ session on Day 2 as well as scrutinising the ‘Evidence’ chapter of the Manifesto in the opening session of day 1!

Seth O’Neill

Dr Seth O’Neill PhD is a world renowned tendon researcher and educator at the University of Leicester. His two Physio Matters Podcasts in the early days of the show are still downloaded in their hundreds most weeks and remain some of the most popular in the show’s history!

Seth’s fair and astute application of the scientific method as well as his continued pragmatic application of evidence in his clinic make him the perfect person to deliver the keynote in our ‘Tensions in Tendinopathy’ session on Day 1!

Ash James

Ashley James is clinical lead at IPRS Health and a PhD candidate at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a rising star of the profession and regularly acts as a media spokesperson for MSK issues. It is in part from his experiences with journalists and the wider media that he has developed an interest in ‘Reforming Influence’. This is the name of Ash’s team’s chapter of the Manifesto for Reform which Ash will be presenting on day one of the conference then inviting scrutiny from the ever critical audience as well as Chief AHP Officer at NHS England; Suzanne Rastrick!

Alison Chambers

Professor Alison Chambers is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Professor Chambers qualified as a Physio in 1985 and worked in clinical practice for 10 years prior to moving into higher education in 1995, gaining a masters and doctoral degree in Education.

Alison has long been a champion of AHPs exerting their influence so has been very supportive of #TheBigRs since it came to her attention! It is a great honour to have her as the invited critic of the ‘Reforming Influence’ chapter of the Manifesto for Reform. Alison is bound have plenty to say about how to sharpen and then implement the policy proposals, a must see of Day 1!

Giles Hazan

Dr Giles Hazan is a GP with special interest in MSK medicine with the Sussex MSK Partnership in Brighton. He also has a history in clinical commissioning as clinical lead for MSK commissioning at High Wealds, Lewes and Havens CCG.

In recent months, Giles has been involved in a few rounds of intellectual sparring with #TheBigRs founder Jack Chew regarding the bridges and walls between MSK Medicine and MSK Therapy. As is the spirit of our growing think-tank, we plan to make that debate public as Giles and Jack will openly discuss some of the tensions that need to be mitigated in order for us all to move forward towards best practice together. ‘Some Home Truths – a thoughtful sparring session’ is bound to wake us all up after lunch on day 1!

Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan is an Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist in Pain Management for Connect Health in their Hertfordshire service. She is secretary of the Physiotherapy Pain Association and has worked in two of the leading London pain management centres; St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University College London NHS Foundation Trust.

Alice’s take on all things pain and pain management are highly valued as she is famed for pragmatically applying complex subject matter into person-centred, real-world care. Alice advocates for quality improvements in everything from individual care consistency to service design and will no doubt deliver a very popular workshop on day 1 titled: ‘Beyond Theories – Pain Management in Practice’.

Maddy Nicholson

Maddy Nicholson is an MSK and Pain specialist Physiotherapist in North Wales with a special interest in Motivational Interviewing. is an MSK lecturer and practice education lead on the new undergraduate physiotherapy degree course at Glyndwr University, which is in the final stages of development and approval. Following an MSc project investigating the evidence base for the management of low back pain, Maddy began to study and practice motivational interviewing and hasn’t looked back!

Maddy recently blew the Physio Matters Podcast listeners away when she came on the show with her mentor, clinical psychologist Rory Allott to discuss all things Motivational Interviewing. Maddy is planning a dynamic and practical workshop on the breakout section of day 1, this is bound to book up!

Andrew McCauley

Andrew McCauley is a Physiotherapist, sports scientist and strength and conditioning expert based in Truro, Cornwall. His academic and practice journeys have led him to be a leading expert in an area finally being recognised by the MSK industry; Strength and Conditioning. Andrew’s MSc Sports Medicine study further confirmed his instinct that individualised conditioning methods can dovetail well will person-centred MSK care.

Andrew has long been a supporter of The Physio Matters Podcast and has kindly offered free courses as rewards for listeners. The rave reviews of his courses and events have led to us asking him to tackle the tough task of leading a practical S&C workshop in one of our workshop rooms! Bring your shorts and an open mind!

Reena Patel

Reena Patel is a senior lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton following a career in NHS and private practice as an MSK Physio. Reena is an innovator in course design as she advocates for educational reform to better account for evidence based progress in the field. Reena blew away the delegates at #TheBigRs 2.0 in early 2018 with her vision and exemplary leadership.

She has since been leading the ‘Reforming Education’  working group who have produced a chapter for the manifesto for reform. Reena’s team’s policies are destined to shake up further education institutions and MSK employers whilst producing accountable clinicians. Hear her present her work and invite the scrutiny of The CSP’s Sally Gosling in Day 1’s finale.

Sally Gosling

Dr Sally Gosling PhD is Assistant Director of Practice & Development at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Sally has been influential in the CSP’s work to improve quality standards at undergraduate level and produced the CSP’s well-regarded evidence based practice position statement.

Having attended the first #TheBigRs ‘Thinking in Public’ event in 2018, Sally’s critique of our working group’s proposed educational reforms have been productive and valuable. We are therefore delighted to have her as the invited critic in Reena’s ‘Reforming Education’ session in which she will bring her usual thoughtful scrutiny to the manifesto policies.

Dylan Morrissey

Dr Dylan Morrisey PhD is a Professor of Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and has over 25 years experience of working in sports and exercise medicine. He runs the QMUL Human Performance Laboratory for which he has gained more than £5m in research funding.

His main research interests are tendinopathy, evidence translation and the link between movement and pathology, which make him perfectly placed to give a keynote in our session ‘Plantar Heel Pain – Best Practice?’. Dylan has recently contributed to a best practice guidance publication which integrates rehabilitation and EC Shockwave Therapy which will provide a great anchor to a health discussion to open day 2 of the conference.

Paula Deacon

Paula Deacon is Clinical Lead of the IPOPS service at the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Paula is a champion of reforming governance from top to bottom in the MSK industry and has long been working on solutions to long-standing issues in this field. Together with her ‘Reforming Governance’ working group, she has produced a chapter of the Manifesto For Reform which proposed policies to hold clinicians and organisations accountable for their professional conduct.

Paula will introduce the chapter in the morning session of day 2 and is joined by Sandra Harding of Physio Audit Ltd to invite scrutiny of the policies proposed.

Sandra Harding

Sandra Harding is a Physiotherapist and cofounder of Physio Audit Ltd (PAL). Sandra has had an exemplary clinical and academic career in MSK and management which includes her attaining an MBA. In her last employed role she was instrumental in moving more than 50 sites towards a common goal which was to continually improve the quality of the service whilst growing the business and meeting all regulatory requirements.

With PAL Sandra helps clinicians and businesses adhere to existing organisational policies in a governance environment which requires near-100% self-regulation. In admiration of PAL’s work, the TPMP team felt that she would be an ideal person to scrutinise the manifesto for reform governance chapter in its launch session.

Matthew Wyatt

Matthew Wyatt is a Consultant Physiotherapist for Connect Health and former chair of the practice and development committee at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Matthew is a staunch advocate of quality improvement and decreasing unwarranted variaton in practice. He has therefore been involved with #TheBigRs from the start and was the obvious choice to lead the ‘Reforming Excellence’ working group who have gone on to produce a chapter for the Manifesto for Reform.

Matthew’s group have worked up a set of proposals which challenge some long held assumptions in the Physiotherapy profession and the MSK industry at large. He will open the day 2 session in which he will invite the scrutiny of the audience and Ann Green of Coventry University.

Ann Green

Ann Green is the Head of the School of Life Sciences at Coventry University and a fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Ann is also a former chair of council at the CSP and has been a passionate advocate for evidence based change in education and practice. Ann made waves at last years Reforming MSK Conference as a debate moderator who very much held the panelists and audience to account for their views.

This year we are delighted to welcome her back, this time as the invited critic of the ‘Reforming Excellence’ chapter of the manifesto which she is bound to give a sharp critique of in the day 2 session.

Adrian McGregor

Adrian is one of the valued patient contributors to #TheBigRs Think-Tank. He has been working with Ash James’ ‘Reforming Influence’ working group and due to his varied experience with healthcare during his persistent-pain journey, Adrian is passionate about improving public messaging.

Adrian and his working group colleague Ash Shattock have been leading on developing policy proposals which seek to improve the ways that the MSK industry influences the public. In our final breakout session of the conference, Adrian and Ash will lead a workshop for those interested in improving patient messaging and promoting consistent best practice MSK care.

Ash Shattock

Ash Shattock has over 25 years’ experience as a physiotherapist. She has worked in world-renowned hospitals in the NHS and in private practice. Through her role as a longstanding member of the ATOCP executive committee, she is a long time friend of The Physio Matters Podcast and an important contributor to #TheBigRs from day one.

Ash and her working group colleague Adrian McGregor have been leading on developing policy proposals which seek to improve the ways that the MSK industry influences the public. In our final breakout session of the conference, Ash and Adrian will lead a workshop for those interested in improving patient messaging and promoting consistent best practice MSK care.

Ali Rogan

Ali Rogan of Hornsey Consulting has been involved and supportive of #TheBigRs from day one via her work with Connect Health. Ali has 25 years’ marketing and external affairs experience and 12 years’ Director experience, working in a variety of industries including 14 years with partners in the care, charity, health, housing, local government and technology sectors and 7 years in telecommunications.

Who better then to join Ash James in our day 2 ‘Influencing Media’ workshop which looks to discuss the inner workings of wider stakeholder groups and propose ideas for how best to promote quality policies and ideas as loudly as possible! Ash, Ali and the rest of the ‘Reforming Influence’ working group look forward to presenting their chapter of the Manifesto For Reform which includes policies and proposals to enact real changes in the way the MSK industry interacts with new and legacy media.

Liz Jenn

Liz Jenn is an Advanced Practice MSK Physiotherapist working in West Sussex. As a long time supporter of The Physio Matters Podcast, Liz was invited to the second #TheBigRs event in early 2018 to help discuss ‘the how’ behind the project’s plan. During that event and since then, Liz has been a huge asset to the growing think-tank and is seen as a pragmatic, patient-facing voice in the ‘Reforming Influence’ working group; keeping them well in touch with patient expectations and needs.

Liz and her working group colleague Adam Dobson have been leading on policy proposals aimed at optimally influencing clinicians for better translation of evidence informed practice and person-centred care. Their day 2 workshop is a must-book for those hoping to influence their colleague’s as well as scrutinise their own biases.

Adam Dobson

Chris Mercer

Jack Chew