Reform Physio Reform Physio
  • #TheBigRs

    #TheBigRs: ‘Reasoning, Responsibility and Reform in MSK Practice’ is a project that was launched in November 2017 by a partnership of two UK healthcare companies; Chews Health and Connect Health, to increase the depth and quality of conversation in Musculoskeletal practice.

  • Critical Thinkers

    An active network of critical thinkers has emerged from the listenership of The Physio Matters Podcast, a monthly, open access interview show. #TheBigRs is bringing that network together to see if, like many detractors suggest, it’s all just social media noise and hot air, or if it is in fact a group of passionate, pragmatic individuals who wish to enhance patient outcomes and experiences in their field of practice.

  • Questions

    Lots of question marks remain and that suits us on every level! What can’t be questioned and why? Who decides? Are #TheBigRs the right Rs? At what level of analysis is progress evident and at what level of analysis are we regressing?

    We’re now working towards a ‘Manifesto for Reform’ which is out in the Spring of 2019. Contribute to that by joining us at

Reform.Physio is an online forum dedicated to furthering conversation and coordinating grass-roots movements for change. Biannual events are organised here, their content broadcast here and the outcomes scrutinised here. In our resources section, you will find every blog, podcast and webinar that has put the project and its noises through a critical filter. Events are summarised into PDF docs available for download, which give a verified account of what was discussed on each day.

So have a read, watch and listen, give your deepest held biases a once over, then dive right into our open forum to help improve MSK practice at this uniquely opportune moment in UK healthcare.